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Context and Personal statement

Personal Statement

My project “Loyalty” was inspired by the
I believe that in order to define and express “ultimate interaction” to you must understand relationships, an understanding of relationships between people, people and machine, or people and things, also I think participation is something that is needed you can say that relationships depend on people or “people and their counterparts”. In my project I want to pursue and express the ultimate interaction between humans and machines by using artwork to express human qualities of relationships and interaction.

As a designer and artist, most of my inspirations in my projects have come from human relationships and living things (creatures) in nature. In my development of interactive artwork, I like to incorporate the human condition with technology. My project focuses on relationships between humans and living things. In the past I have worked on two projects in direct relation to this final project and I want to work on one more project as my thesis by incorporating my new ideas with the previous two projects. For the theme of this final project have used the story of the “Bottle Gentian” flower, I was very interested in bottle gentian flower story last semester and decided to use the story of the “Loyalty Flower” for this project. The story of the “Bottle Gentian,” states that this flower is also called a closed flower or “Loyalty Flower,” because it doesn’t open their flower petals to any other insects except for the Bumble Bee. In my project I would like to express this type of loyalty in an abstract, human to artwork interaction based on the story of this “Loyalty Flower” as a metaphor. The expression of loyalty will be shown in a scenario similar to the Loyalty flower story in this project. This project will portray “selective acknowledgement” as the key point by the use of a wireless transponder during the interaction of the user scenario. I would like to show the portrayal of loyalty or express loyalty by the use of interactive artwork (human and art interaction) so that I may be able to redefine the context of loyalty in the human condition as a portrayal of abstract expression through interactive artwork and technology.


Relationship, Behavior, User Scenario, Selective Acknowledgement (transponder), recognition, gesture based interaction, independent and specific reactions, Interactivity, affection, attention, distance, User experience based on scenario, Metaphor,

Background Research

1. Affection
2. Emotion
3. Cousteau
4. : Whisper
5. Dune 4.0

What is ultimate interaction

understanding of relationships
understanding interaction (action and reaction, input and output)
Relationship between people People and machine
People and things
Portrayal of human nature or emotion by interactive artwork

Reading for my thesis

1. The age of spiritual machines”
Ray Kurzwell (Author of the age of intelligent machines)
2. The future of narrative in cyberspace
Janet H.Murray

Representative project

Cousteau by Terence Arjo, Thesis Spring 2007

Cousteau is a kinetic interactive sculpture, a meditation on the intersection of Nature and Technology

Representative projects are:

Cousteau - Kinetic interactive sculpture by Terence Arjo
Emotion - Interactive expression of human emotion by Youjeong Paik

Goal of Cousteau: To portray living aquatic life by the use of technology, giving the sculpture(sea eels) simple movement and characteristcs.
Goal of Emotion: To portray human characteristics of emotion by using art, technology and metaphors(flower) that users can directly interacts with. The portrayal of the emotions are done by sound, light, movement and independent and specific reactions.

How it works: Cousteau u
The project is a collection of modules, where each unit acts independently and randomly by the use of sensors(inputs) and motorized fiber (sea eels) that react to sensor stimulus.
The sculpture moves “back and forth” as well as “up and down”, depending on the type of inputs it receives from the sensors.

How it works: Emotion

The project is an interactive art piece that react to certain interactive stimuli.
The flowers (Metaphor) react to individual attention, neglect and distance. It portrays various emotions such as jealousy, sadness, anger, and happiness by specific reaction by the flower in the expression of light, sound and organic movement

How did they attempt to realize this goal: Cousteau
By the use of sensors for input on surrounding activity and user proximity, it attempts to portray living aquatic life by the movement of metallic fibers (rods) in the directions of “back and forth” and “up and down” in various sequences according to the type of inputs.
How did they attempt to realize this goal: Emotion
Using artwork integrated with technology for expressing specific lighting, sounds, and movement, the flowers react individually or as a whole to specific individual interaction between the user and the flower. The response from the interaction is derived by using input sensor, such as IR for distance and fiber optic panels(lighting), servo motors (movement) and sound as output

Why / How did this project succeed or fail: Cousteau

It succeeded because - it succeeded in portraying specific movements for various inputs - it succeeded in portraying a believable reaction according to surrounding stimuli - it succeeded because the concepts for this thesis is delivered in the project

Why / How did this project succeed or fail: Emotion

It succeeded because - presents unique artwork based on new materials - organic and elegant movement - One motor pulling lots of leaves.

What didn’t work or fail : Emotion

- not consistent electric current when using light and movement at the same time
- It is complicated

My draft plan for thesis project

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