Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thesis description

Thesis_Interactive Artwork

Proposed title _ Loyalty

Based on story of the Loyalty flower(bottle gentian)

- Open only for Bumble Bee
- Does not open for any other insects
- Physical expression of loyalty

Problem trying to address or solve

Trying to express loyalty by showing a scenario similar to the Loyalty Flower story

- Would like to show the flower and it's interaction
- Would like to show flower and bee scenario as human and flower interaction
- I would like to show the portrayal of loyalty or express loyalty by the use of interactive artwork ( human and art interaction)

Why it's a good thesis

- Unique way of portraying human emotions with light, sound, and movement
- The concept of the Loyalty Flower portrays human qualities and dimensions that can be expressed in interactive artwork.
- It is the final extension and evolution of my last two projects " Affection" and " Emotion"
- I will incorporate the concepts and techniques of both Affection and Emotion, and include one more final dimension for this project ( a special Awareness)
- For my final project and Thesis, I would like to express the final evolution to my human interaction story as "Loyalty"

Ideas on how to implement this project


- Affection " Peace lily at home"

- Emotion " Water lily"

- The Loyalty Flower story "Bottle Gentian"

How to implement

- Use Lighting, Sound, Movement and Wireless
- Incorporate concepts from Affection and Emotion
- Add additional final concept
Possible use of transponder (ex: wireless detector?)
SHOW selective acknowledgement

Draft Mirror Shape for the bottom
(Different angle of reflection)

Related work

1. Affection

Concept: to express relationship between people and living things
Has two dimensions such as lighting and sound
Fiber Optic Panel
Multiple sensor (IR/Touch sensor)

Scenairo is,

Interaction with plant, 3 levels of distance between people and counterpart, a metaphor of cause and effect including lighting and sound for describing the 3 levels of interaction.

Withering plant, desperately trying to keep alive. Moving it from sunny places to sunny places. Watering it every day and giving it as much attention as possible. The plant is still withering...

2. Emotion

Concept: developed project from Affection
I want to give this artwork a sense of awareness like human beings such as jealousy, angry, sad and pleasure
Has three dimensions such as lighting, sound and movement
The same materials as Affection

User scenario is,

I want to give this artwork a sense of awareness like human beings such as
jealousy, angry, sad, pleasure, and lonely.

I tried to portray the awareness emotions for the individual flowers
by certain expressive characteristics when I approach
them. When I approach one of them, it will opens the leaves beautifully(affection/joyous), but at
the same time, rest of the flowers will reacts differently by blinking(angry),
making noise(jealous), and dimming light(sad) something like that...

It's like human instinct delivered in artwork.
I would like to grow my flowers, and as they mature, I would like for my artwork to be able to portray more emotions

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