Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thesis Abstract

Loyalty is an interactive artwork that expresses the human condition by incorporating art with technology. This is the final development of my two previous projects, Affection and Emotion. This final project is the evolution of both “Affection” and “Emotion” concepts and technological design. As a third and final development in the three part series of human expression, this project depicts loyalty as the main concept. This concept of “Loyalty,” was inspired by the story of the Bottle Gentian Flower also known as the (Loyalty Flower), and by expanding on the two previous concepts of expressing the various human dimensions, this project depicts and expresses loyalty. Every element of this project has specific reactions and outputs that depend on certain inputs such as distance and touch and shows expression by the use of lighting, sound, and movement. In addition to the many elements a wireless transponder technology has been added. With the addition of this technology, the concept of “Loyalty,” is depicted by the physical expression of “Selective Acknowledgement.” This artwork is based on interactive user scenarios that convey awareness and realization which are reflected as the dimensions in various human interactions and relationships by the use of lighting, sound, movement, and “Selective Acknowledgement.” “Loyalty” is the newly evolved of the previous concepts and delivers more dynamic interaction and user participation.

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